A one year journey to discover Zen...


Thank you for choosing to donate to Project Zen.  All your support helps to make this project possible.  It is helping to cover the costs of gas, software, webspace and thousands in equipment (video cameras, cameras, mic and digital sound recorders etc).  All donations from June on will be going to help raise enough money to make my final fear challenge possible.  The final fear challenge is going to be to paraglide if i can raise enough money to do so.  The approximate cost of paragliding is $5000.  So all the help you can afford to give is greatly appreciated. 

If you cant afford to donate money but you would like to donate your time or some other service please email feel free to email me.  All the help you can give is always appreciated at Project Zen. 

If you have donated and you would like to have a banner add placed on the site please email me your banner and i will see that it gets posted (remember all banners should be 760px x 120px).